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Registration & Administrative Matters

The school fees can be found here fees.

In Singapore, Section 11 (1) of the Childcare Centres Regulations states “No child care centre
shall enrol any child who has not been given immunization as required under existing law.”

Immunisation Chart by Age (ecda.gov.sg)

You may click on this link here to learn more.

You will need to renew your application every 6 months (notification will be sent via email), failing which, your child’s name will be automatically removed from the waiting list.

There is no cost for being on the waiting list.

It will be best to reply within 1 to 2 days as availability is on a first come first serve basis.

Please inform the centre’s administrator and she will be able to assist you on siblings’ priority. We would still need you to register your child (sibling) on the ECDA website as the form requires his/her BC and Registration date.

As long as you renew your interest every 6 months to keep it active, it will automatically update in the system according to your child’s age.
When it reaches your turn on the waiting list, centre will proceed to give you a call.

For Foreigners, you will need to apply for a student visa for your child from ICA.
Please refer to https://www.ica.gov.sg/ for more information. You will need a Singpass to register your interest in the ECDA PSP for your child’s details to be captured in our waiting list system.
Please note that priorities will be given to Singapore Citizens.

We do give parents a grace period of 5 minutes from 7pm, and a fee of $10 will be imposed for every 5 minutes after 7:06pm.
e.g. 7:06pm – 7:10pm, total amount payable will be $10.
       7:11pm – 7:15pm, total amount payable will be $20.

Internal transfer between E-Bridge schools is subjected to the availability in the receiving school.
There will be a transfer fee of $85.60 and it will take effect on the first working day of the month.
Parents would be required to give a 4 weeks notice in the current school before the child is transferred.

You can now submit your interest for your child in infant care up to 3 months in advance of your Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) via the ECDA Preschool Search Portal. You can select up to 10 infant care centres. Parents whose EDD is more than 3 months ahead will need to wait till EDD is within 3 months to be able to submit their interest.

Subsequently, once your child is born, parents should log-in within a month of their child’s birth to update their child’s details such as birth certificate number, date of birth and citizenship details to remain on the waitlist. You will receive an email notification near your EDD. Your interest will be removed if you do not update your child’s details within a month from the EDD.

Please follow the steps below to register your interest:

  1. Parents search for centres (either by address or centre name) and proceed to select centres to submit interest on PSP as per current practice.
  2. To submit interest for children who are not born yet, parents must check the box “Child is not born yet” to proceed.
  3. Parents are to take note of what pre-birth submission of interest is via the pop-up, before proceeding.
  4. Parents will need to fill in required fields. Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) cannot be more than 3 months of date of registration. Expected enrolment date should not be more than 12 months from EDD (the drop-down box is referring to expected date of enrolment)
  5. Parents will need to acknowledge that they are required to update child’s details after birth, otherwise the interest would be removed. They also have to acknowledge that the information they provide is true and correct, otherwise the submission may be revoked. An email notification will be sent near the EDD date to request parents to update the birth details within one month.

When a vacancy arises, the centre will contact you for viewing.
You may wish to note that the waiting list differs from school to school, and the waiting time is approximately 1 year or longer. In the meantime, please be advised to explore places in other schools while waiting.

Curriculum & Programmes

We do not send home homework where the child is expected to complete an activity or worksheet then return it to the class teacher. For children in full time preschool programs, we believe that after a long day at school what children need most is time relaxing and interacting with mum and dad. The preschool years are an important time for bonding with parents and this time together should be respected.

The teachers in the class will be able to share with parents the type of activities parents can do with their children to help their child build skills and knowledge needed to be successful in school like visiting the library together or research together on a project related to the inquiry in class.

Yes, once a term, depending if the class is ready, especially for the younger age group.
However, it is placed on hold now due to Covid measures until further notice.

There are monthly English and Mandarin newsletters. There will also be portfolios at the end of
each term and Parent-Teacher Conference in term 1 and 3.

We have enrichment programs after curriculum hours i.e. after 4.30pm.
Different centres offer different kinds of enrichment programs such as coding, speech and drama, abacus, etc. Check with your child’s teachers or your centre leader for more details.

Our centres are open for half-days on Saturdays from 7am to 2pm.
There are no curriculum and lessons on Saturdays. Free play will be supervised.

Parents can connect with the centre through phone or email. The centres also use a platform called Little Lives to communicate with parents (e.g. newsletter, portfolios, etc.). Alternatively, parents can write in the communication book.

You can download the “Little Family Room” app via Little Lives. It will be activated once registration is done.

Our inquiry-based programme responds to children’s interests while addressing their learning outcomes, encompassing skills, attitudes and knowledge across all domains of development. Our child-centered curriculum focuses on children’s learning rather than on instructions given by educators.

All classrooms and learning environments are purposefully designed to inspire wonder and curiosity in children. Children are invited to engage with a wide range of innovative resources and materials that extend and challenge their thinking.

In a classroom, there will be five/six integrated learning spaces being set up which consist of the six learning domains – Language & Literacy, Social & Emotional Development, Discovery of the World, Numeracy, Motor Skills Development and Aesthetics & Creative Expressions.

EtonHouse uses the Inquiry based approach which E-Bridge has also adopted. Apart from that, in order to support the students to transit to local Primary Schools, which is a strong mission of ours, E- Bridge puts in place a structure of monitoring children’s development in academic skills more systematically, e.g. numeracy and reading skills. In a way, the inquiry is more guided by the teachers to weave in the essential learning goals. We believe that children should develop these skills sufficiently to feel confident entering the local primary school.


  • Nationalities of families
    EtonHouse offers an international, multicultural learning environment that has children from 61 different nationalities. The children in E-Bridge pre-schools will be Singaporean families who will move on to the Singapore primary schools. The programme offered will therefore be in alignment with the expectations and outcomes of the formal schooling environment that these children will graduate to.
  • Location
    Many EtonHouse centres are located in the heart of town or in private residential areas with generous outdoor spaces or large indoor play areas. E-Bridge centres will be located near HDB estates so as to offer greater convenience and accessibility to the local communities.
    Some E-Bridge centres may not have access to exclusive outdoor spaces and will use public facilities for outdoor play.

Environment & Other Matters

All classrooms will be aired at least 1 to 2 times a day.

Meals are provided for breakfast / lunch / tea-break.
Food served will be No Pork No Lard with No Beef (without Certification from MUIS but from Halal Sources).

All infant care will be vacuumed and mopped twice a day.
Misting (disinfecting) will be done on a daily basis.

Transportation will not be provided.

Yes, you can provide the expressed breast milk for feeding.

We do not provide milk powder. You can provide the formula milk for feeding.