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Curriculum Overview
Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Literacy at E-Bridge

Early literacy behaviours such as listening, speaking, reading and writing are facilitated through purposeful materials and socially supported experiences in English and Mandarin.

Numeracy at E-Bridge

Mathematical opportunities are offered for children to develop a learning foundation in concepts and skills such as counting, shape and space, measurement, patterns and functions and data handling. 

Creative Arts at E-Bridge

Creative arts include elements of music, movement and art. Each of these aspects further extends children’s imaginative development and self-expression and enhances learning in other aspects of development.

Physical Development at E-Bridge

Motor skills development opportunities, as well as an understanding in personal health, safety, hygiene and nutrition is nurtured through physical experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Character Building at E-Bridge

Our core values form a basis for children to be aware of their personal identity and manage their own emotions. They extend this sense of belonging by collaborating with peers and other adults allowing positive behaviours and attitudes to be nurtured.