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E-Bridge Pre-School Edgedale Plains

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E-Bridge at
78 Edgedale Plains

Size of centre

4910 sqm



In operations since

May 2016

Services provided

Infant Care and Childcare
(ages 2 months to 6 years)

Levels offered

Infant Care to Kindergarten 2

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Levels offered

Infant care to Kindergarten 2 SPARK certified

E-Bridge Pre-School
Edgedale Plains

Covering an area of over 4000 square metres, this SPARK-certified E-Bridge @ 78 Edgedale Plains takes a special place in E-Bridge’s journey. It was not just E-Bridge’s first Large ChildCare Centre (LCCC) when it opened in 2016, it is also Singapore’s first mega pre-school centre.

The centre, located right across Kaladoor LRT, offers a comprehensive range of Infant Care and Childcare programmes for children aged between 2 months to 6 years old.

Besides indoor earning and play areas, children also can play outdoors within the school compound, providing a conducive space for them to learn, play and grow under the care of our dedicated teaching staff.

Our Centre – Edgedale Plains

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What our parents say?

Liona was in E-bridge from the infant care, so as a parent, we’re a little worried because she was still a 10-month-old and our first baby. But while in a few days, when she met her infant care teacher, she screams to show her happiness. Seeing her reaction for the first time, our anxiety totally disappeared.

Now our daughter attends a Pre-nursey class. She really likes to go to school and sometimes forgets to say goodbye to us and rushes into the classroom!
Her mommy is Japanese, so she doesn't even have a chance to listen to Chinese at home. But look at her now, she can sing a song and respond to us in Chinese, which surprised us very much. This is thanks to talented teachers.

Even office staff and security guards who are usually not in the classroom remember her name and treat her kindly. It's never been so encouraging and reassuring for a mommy living in a foreign country. Not only that, but she also learned a lot at school and is truly grateful to E-bridge.

- Liona's Parents

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What our parents say?

E-Bridge Pre-School provides a conducive and safe environment to allow the children to learn through play and exploration. My children have become inquisitive, always wanting to learn, and asking the "Whys" and "Hows" of their encounters. Physically, they were willing to explore things around them, they had resilience to overcome any obstacles that they come across. All of which, would be the result of the day-to-day class activities, the encouragement and effort of the educators in E-Bridge Pre-School. As a parent, I can see the passion of every educator in E-Bridge towards the children, always putting their interests first and finding new ways to engage their curious minds. I can see the happiness of the children at the end of their day, my children excitedly telling me about what they learnt in school that day. All in all, I am confident in the school, the curriculum, the educators, and even the ancillary staff of E-Bridge.

- Amelia and Oliver's Parents

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