Our Programme

E-Bridge schools offer inquiry based programmes delivered in a nurturing and carefully designed learning environment and adopt a quality assurance framework based on policies and procedures derived from international best practice.


E-Bridge offers a unique inquiry based programme that responds to children’s interest while addressing their learning outcomes, encompassing skills, attitudes and knowledge across all domains of development and includes learning goals in the physical, emotional, social and cognitive areas.

At E-Bridge, learning is a joyful and meaningful experience. Our child centred curriculum focuses on children’s learning rather than on instructions given by teachers. Children have opportunities for hands-on and meaningful experiences and be invited to discover, analyse and problem solve. We believe that the early years are a preparation for life and not just Primary One. Our programme nurtures happy, confident, secure individuals with an inquiring mind who are responsible citizens with strong moral values.


At E-Bridge, great emphasis is placed on the development of second language skills, which are acquired more effectively in the early years. Our high quality and effective bilingual programme conducted in Mandarin and English is formulated with the belief that language learning should be spontaneous, relevant and consistent. Children are offered an integrated bilingual environment to learn Mandarin through meaningful hands-on experiences. This approach empowers children to pick up and appreciate Mandarin spontaneously and efficiently and develops in them a genuine interest in the language.


The centres have purposefully designed classrooms and a well-equipped learning environment inspired by international best practice to engage children and support their holistic learning. The environment is carefully designed to inspire wonder and curiosity in children. Children are invited to engage with a wide range of innovative resources and materials that extend and challenge their thinking.


We have a team of qualified and experienced care-givers and teachers who are caring, passionate and committed to working with young children. E-Bridge teachers have access to a thorough and intensive training and professional development programme supported by EtonHouse thus ensuring continuous professional development and access to the latest research and thinking in the early childhood sector.


Parents are the most significant people in their child’s lives. We encourage families to engage actively in their child’s learning, and collaborate with the school in the child’s developmental and learning goals and work together in achieving the absolute best for the child.