“Start Small Dream Big”  is an initiative by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to encourage pre-schools to create authentic platforms for children to innovate, problem-solve and tap on their unique strengths to help others.

At E-Bridge Preschool Rivervale, Start Small Dream Big 2018 kicked off with a charity sale. Weeks before that, the N2 and K1 children started working on their crafts which were to be put up for sale. We had planned to tie in the charity sale with our annual “Celebration of Learning”, where parents will be invited to the centre to take a look at the learning experiences that the children have been engaged in thus far.

We are very thankful to parents for their support towards the charity sale. The children’s craft work was sold to the parents in return for donations to support the elderly in Punggol South Silver Circle Eldercare.

We raised $700.00 which was used to purchase dry food items such as biscuit tins, milo packets, packet drinks, cake rolls etc. Safety items needed for daily use such as first aid kits, alcohol swabs and face masks were also purchased. All remaining money will be donated to an elderly home.

The children also visited Punggol South Silver Circle Eldercare between 18 July and 2 August to spend time with the elderly. Each class planned out activities that will enable them to work together with the seniors while helping to enhance each other’s social, creative and motor skills.

The N2B children performed songs and joined the seniors as they did their morning exercises.

On the 24th of July, the K1 children performed songs and dances and worked with the seniors to create a rainbow collage.

Our visits wrapped up with N2A children doing a performance for the seniors and working on puzzles and clay sculptures with them. All three sessions were filled with joy and appreciation as the children got in touch with the seniors and were able to observe that the elderly need their love and care. We look forward to our long-term partnership with Silver Circle and will be visiting them again soon.