Q. Where are your teachers from and what are their qualifications?

E-Bridge seeks to engage passionate teachers with early childhood qualifications and experience. Our teachers may hold a Certificate, Diploma, or a Degree in early childhood from a recognized university.

E-Bridge teachers have access to a thorough and intensive training and professional development programme supported by EtonHouse. Our in-house pedagogy team also supports the learning and development of our teachers both in their own classroom, by facilitating centre wide discussions and by creating opportunities for preschool teaching teams to learn with and from each other.

Q. Can you explain a little bit more about the curriculum you follow?

At E-Bridge Pre-school we work with an integrated inquiry based curriculum that is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach. Learning through Inquiry encourages children to observe, explore, ask questions, notice as well as understand the world around them. This we believe nurture happy, confident, and secure individuals with an inquiring mind. Our comprehensive curriculum is integrated across all the learning areas; literacy, mathematics, science, and creative arts. We balance academic, social and physical development throughout the day. This holistic approach has been designed to integrate different areas of development covering the learning goals highlighted through the:

  • Early Years Development Framework by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)
  • Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and
  • EtonHouse Learning Goals

Our qualified and experienced teachers use daily observations in order to plan how they can further extend and support the children’s thinking and development in specific areas. Together with the learning goals, the teachers make informed decisions and plan individually developmentally appropriate learning experiences and environments for all children at various levels.

Mandarin is integrated within our programme where there is a Mandarin teacher working alongside the Core Teacher and children at all times. Through the implementation of meaningful hands-on experiences our children are empowered to pick up and appreciate Mandarin spontaneously and efficiently hence developing in them a genuine interest in the language.

Q. What are the differences between E-Bridge and EtonHouse pre-schools?

The key differences lie in the nationalities of families and locations of centres.

  • Nationalities of families
    EtonHouse offers an international, multicultural learning environment that has children from 61 different nationalities. The children in E-Bridge pre-schools will be Singaporean families who will move on to the Singapore primary schools. The programme offered will therefore be in alignment with the expectations and outcomes of the formal schooling environment that these children will graduate to.
  • Location
    Many EtonHouse centres are located in the heart of town or in private residential areas with generous outdoor spaces or large indoor play areas. E-Bridge centres will be located near HDB estates so as to offer greater convenience and accessibility to the local communities. Some E-Bridge centres may not have access to exclusive outdoor spaces and will use public facilities for outdoor play.

Even with these differences, there are however certain underlying similarities in the programmes offered at EtonHouse and E-Bridge.

  • Inquiry based programme
    All of these centres offer an inquiry based programme derived from international best practice. Children have opportunities for hands-on and meaningful experiences and are invited to discover, analyse and problem solve. Our programme cultivates in children a lifelong love for inquiry and learning.
  • Learning environments
    The learning environments are carefully and purposefully designed to best support and stimulate the child’s learning. Children are invited to engage with a wide range of innovative resources and materials that extend and challenge their thinking.
  • Quality assurance and consistency
    The operational procedures with respect to cleanliness, food, safety and security of the children are aligned with the highest quality standards.
  • Professional Development
    The training and pedagogical support of the staff at E-Bridge will be managed and facilitated by EtonHouse thus ensuring continuous professional development and access to the latest research and thinking in the early childhood sector.

Q. What are the fees at E-Bridge?

The school fees can be found here fees. You may also log on to Infant Care / Child Care Subsidy to learn about the Government Child Care and Infant Care subsidy.

Q. Are the centres fully air-conditioned?


Q. Is transportation available?

Transportation will not be provided.

Q. Can my child enroll in the school if he or she is not immunized?

In Singapore, Section 11 (1) of the Childcare Centres Regulations states “No child care centre shall enrol any child who has not been given immunization as required under existing law.”

Q. Is there infant care provided?

Infant care is currently offered at E-Bridge Pre-School located at the following centres :

Blk 178A Rivervale Crescent S(541178)
Blk 504 Yishun St 51 S(760504)
Blk 590B Montreal Link S(752590)
Blk 670 Edgefield Plains S(820670)
Blk 17 Circuit Road S(370017)
78 Edgedale Plains S(828683)
Blk 217 Compassvale Drive S(540217)
Blk 365B Upper Serangoon Road S(532365)
Blk 417A Fernvale Link S(791417)
Blk 443 Bukit Batok West Ave 8 S(650443)
Blk 226A Sumang Lane S(821226)
Blk 573 Woodlands Drive 16 S(730573)
Blk 92 Telok Blangah St 31 S(10092)

Blk 140 Corporation Drive 16 S(610140)

Q. What is the teacher child ratio?

The teacher-child ratio will adhere to the following minimum requirements stipulated by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Age Group Class Ratio
2 months – 18 months Infant Care 1 : 5
18 months – 2 years  Pre-Nursery 1 : 8
2 years – 3 years  Nursery One 1 : 12
3 years – 4 years Nursery Two 1 : 15
4 years – 5 years Kindergarten 1 1 : 20
5 years – 6 years Kindergarten 2 1 : 25

Q. How many children will there be in each centre? How many children will there be in each class?

The capacity of each centre varies according to the size of the space and its design and will only be confirmed after construction completion.

Q. What are the operating hours?

Mon – Fri: 7am to 7pm
Sat: 7am to 2pm
Sun: Closed

Q. Are meals provided?

Meals are provided for breakfast / lunch / tea-break. Food served will be No Pork No Lard with No Beef (without Certification from MUIS but from Halal Sources)

Q. Will children be showered?

Showering will be provided for Infant Care, PN and N1 children.

Q. Will there be homework?

We do not send home homework where the child is expected to complete an activity or worksheet then return it to the class teacher. For children in full time preschool programs, we believe that after a long day at school what children need most is time relaxing and interacting with mum and dad. The preschool years are an important time for bonding with parents and this time together should be respected.

The teachers in the class will be able to share with parents the type of activities parents can do with their children to help their child build skills and knowledge needed to be successful in school like visiting the library together or research together on a project related to the inquiry in class.

Q. How do I register?

You may wish to register your interest for at the following link:

Click here to access ECDA Preschool Search Portal (PSP)